Jerry Cans & Funnels

Jerry cans are for safely storing fuel. You can find them in different sizes to accommodate the right volume of fuel for your needs. Choose from five, 10, or 20 litres, which can either be squat or military-style can.

Many users would purchase different colours to represent the type of fuel in the can. For instance, they can go for green for unleaded, yellow for diesel, or red for LRP or lead replacement petrol. While steel is available, plastic is the more convenient option for several people. It is because plastic will not corrode and is lightweight as well.

Jerry cans, also known as petrol cans, are created to be highly mobile. This way, you can utilise them to transport fuel to your car in case you require a top-up.

As for funnels, you can use them in conjunction with the jerry can, which helps pour the fuel out of the can safely. Adding a funnel will create a fast fuel flow without spilling. Select from small to large plastic funnels in the list below.