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If your old tool box needs a replacement, you have come to the right place. The Grit is where you can find different tool storage options and parts. We have a replacement tool box handle from KC Tools. Even if your tool box was not from this brand, you could easily snap this replacement handle on it. You can then safely take it with you anywhere you need.

Before you purchase any replacement parts of your storage box, the first thing you want to know is its suitability. The product should work like the previous latch. You can carry it with you without worrying about how it is mounted. It is durable and locks in place, even with heavy movement.

The tool box handle is ideal for use on any storage box you may. You may even find small compartment doors where it is compatible as well. Whether you have a brand name tool box or storage, you can use this product from KC Tools.

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KC Tools Replacement Tool Box Handle

KC Tools

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