Parts & Servicing

Shopping for automotive parts at a retailer’s physical store is no longer the only way to get quality products. It is understandable for a car owner to be a bit hesitant when purchasing online, which is why it is crucial to select the supplier to turn to.

Ambler Direct is the leading supplier in Australia for those looking for auto parts and servicing equipment. Choose from our assortment of products for your vehicle’s body, panel, trim, brakes, and wheels. We also have pullers, suspension tools, and other servicing gear.

You will only find products from well-trusted brands, such as AOK, Breeze, AgBoss, Puncture Shield, and SP Tools.

Whenever you find your car having any trouble running correctly, you may seek the help of a certified mechanic. You may also be working as a professional mechanic, and you are searching for the best products for your job.

Ambler Direct has everything you need here, whether you want to work on your car before you head to a pro or you are a pro yourself.