Other Servicing Gear

Does your car produce a whining or grinding noise? Is it suffering from delayed shifting? Perhaps you are having trouble with a leak of the transmission fluid. All these problems can be addressed right away when you have the tools needed right in your garage.

Some of the useful tools to own if you are a fan of do-it-yourself maintenance or even a professional mechanic are a gasket scraper set, hose clamps, axle stands, and a service trolley jack. Even something as simple as a PVC duct tape can prove to be useful when bundling, sealing, marking, and performing other tasks.

Along with following a schedule for maintenance, you can save your car from breakdowns by checking on it regularly. With a reasonable amount of attention, you can expect the vehicle to stay sturdy for many years.

Make sure that you choose only the best tools for your automotive repairs and maintenance. We have them all here at The Grit. Check out our list of servicing gear below.

AOK by KC Tools 3pc Gasket Scraper Set


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AOK by KC Tools Valve Spring Compressor 8"


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KC Tools 10 Gallon Sandblast Unit

KC Tools

$495.40 SAVE$0.00
KC Tools 2 Tonne Bottle Jack with Handle

KC Tools

$39.00 SAVE$13.00