Pullers & Extracting

When it comes to pullers and extractors, you have many options to consider. Some choices include hydraulic pullers, separators, slide hammers, and split collet extractors among many others. You must know the differences between each of them, along with the advantages and possible limitations of the equipment.

Two-legged and three-legged pullers are available. While three-legged pullers are more preferred, it does not mean you cannot perform your job with a two-legged piece. You can still obtain proper load distribution as long as you choose a reliable product. Look for pullers and extractors from KC Tools and other brands that we feature here at Ambler Direct.

You may also want to consider the spread or the width of the car part that you need to pull. Another consideration is the reach or the depth of the component that should be removed.

Please note that we do not recommend removing components on your own unless you know what you are doing. The task requires a very high amount of force and using pullers or extractors involves certain risks that you should not underestimate.