Steering & Suspension

Frequent driving and road conditions can cause wear and tear on the steering and suspension system of your car. All the components that make up the system, including control arm bushings, coil springs, shocks, and struts, can weaken over time. If you notice that your car has become unstable in road handling or there is excessive tyre wear, you need to have the steering and suspension of your vehicle inspected and fixed.

When you need tools for the system, you can turn to The Grit. We sell quality products at the most affordable prices. You can find tool kits for steering and suspension, such as the AOK 39-piece strut/shock installation kit.

When your steering and suspension system is in optimal condition, you will experience a more comfortable ride. Bumps and other road imperfections will be smoothed out. Plus, your tyres will stay steady for better traction.

The whole system should be finely tuned. Although it is always best to have a professional check the state of your car's steering and suspension, there are some instances when you can do the work on your own. For simple fixes, you need a good tool kit that you can count on. You can find everything your vehicle needs here at The Grit.