Coast is a leading brand when it comes to technologically-advanced LED flashlights. The products come with state-of-the-art features, including different reflector systems. These facilities allow the LED flashlights to give off the brightest light while keeping it energy efficient.

The idea behind Coast has been around for a century. The company has been providing well-designed products for numerous years. The founder, Henry W. Brands built Coast primarily for dockworkers and fishermen. Today, the products also cater to different sectors, including industrial and law enforcement.

The Grit sells LED headlamps and flashlights from Coast created for hardworking people. The flashlights are durable and compact, which are perfect for any outdoor activity. Take for example the Coast Rechargeable Long Range Focusing 1200 Lumens, which you can purchase at The Grit. This $449.95-LED torch is truly worth your money. It is best for professionals who want an incredibly reliable light that can light up over ¾ kilometres.

Coast offers more than just your typical lights. They last long, with up to 100,000 hours of LED light.