Splinters have always been a problem when it comes to shovelling. The good news is that LoadMaxx is focused on designing a plastic shovel for a variety of applications. LoadMaxx has plastic shovels that you can purchase in one piece. They are suitable for heavy industrial uses. The shovels are also useful for commercial food production. Of course, they are a great addition to the tools that you use for maintaining your backyard.

All LoadMaxx shovels are tough and strong. They are designed to last even with regular use. The shovels come with an ideal size so you fill your stable quickly, reducing the needed time and effort to half. They measure 350mm wide by 1120mm high. Unlike other brands, LoadMaxx is made from food contact polypropylene. The material has been UV stabilised before use. The shovels are not only safe but can also take a lot of beating.

After using LoadMaxx shovels, you will never settle for less. They are hygienic and lightweight. Because of their composition, the shovels will never corrode or rust. Pick the colour you want here at The Grit and see the LoadMaxx difference.

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