Old Timer Pocket Knives

At the end of July in 2004, the Imperial Schrade Corporation, which manufactured Old Timer knives, closed its doors after 100 years of operation since 1904. There were no longer new Old Timer products produced for a time.

However, the demand for Old Timer was undeniable. Another company recognised the ongoing popularity and chose to buy the intellectual property rights to all the knives. Taylor Brands LLC made it possible for the great classics to be reborn.

The advancement in technology and innovative ideas helped recreate the original patterns while some needed tweaking. Nevertheless, the products were incredibly high-quality with unmatched brilliance. Superior materials were carefully selected to produce the knives, which include lock blades, fixed blades, and pocket knives.

Look for your favourite Old Timer knife here at The Grit. We have folding knives and pocket knives, among others. See the difference that expert craftsmanship can make with these prized Old Timer knives.

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