When it comes to hand tools, there is one brand that you can rely on: Plumb.

The company was born in 1869 when the owner, Fayette R. Plumb, partnered with a hammer manufacturer named Jonathan Yerkes. The partnership was named Yerkes & Plumb for a few years. The US firm was among those that prompted the manufacturing of cast steel tools in the country.

In 1886, Yerkes retired, and Plumb then bought out the former’s interest. Two years later, the company began operating under the Plumb name.

Several years have passed, and the next generation Plumbs took over. Apex Tool Group, previously known as Cooper Hand Tools under Cooper Industries, bought Plumb in 2010.

Today, Plumb is well-known for hatchets, axes, sledges, and hammers. Only select tools from a brand that has been around for several years. This way, you know it has stood against the test of time.

The Grit supplies Plumb products, including the curved hammer claw. It is one of the best-selling Plumb hammers mainly because of its impressive characteristics. Unlike other hammers, the 566gram curved hammer claw has anti-vibration and anti-shock formulated to its handle.

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