PowerCell is a family-owned company in Australia. It has operated since May 1980 but started as industrial agents for GP Batteries. Until this day, the two companies are associated with each other. However, PowerCell has become a standalone business that supplies different products all over the mainland cities in Australia.

PowerCell has warehouses in different major cities, namely Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney. For 40 years, the company has remained allied with other suppliers. With such a connection, PowerCell quickly expanded the business into different sectors of OEM, consumer, industrial, and other markets.

The brand is recognised not only in Australia but overseas as well. The products are used in households and professional settings as well, such as in medical, defence, and mining industries.

PowerCell first started with rechargeable batteries. Over time, the list of products grew, and the company now uses state-of-the-art methodologies. They include making devices more portable and reliable for users.

The Grit offers PowerCell products, such as the popular INSIGHT LED torch. It features a five-watt rechargeable battery with three torch settings from half to full beam to flashing.

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