Sanli Engine Co. Ltd has been in operation since 1983 and is a highly specialised manufacturing company with over 300,000 square metres (almost 42 football fields!) of high-tech engineering. They have approximately 1,000 employees working on product design, development, and manufacturing in Asia Pacific and a growing number of worldwide markets.

Their specialised research and development staff of over 80 qualified individuals concentrated mostly on engines, outdoor power equipment, and motorbikes. Sanli products are sold all over the world, with over half a million mowers sold to distributors and wholesalers in Europe, Oceania, the United States, and Canada each year.

For all of your back yard needs, Sanli have a complete line of power gardening equipment. From mowing your lawn to managing an out-of-control hedge, they've got you covered. Sanli has a reputation for supplying the greatest value for money machines in Australia, explore our range of Sanli lawn products now at The Grit.