Knives & Sharpeners

Knives are among the most versatile tools that you can ever own. You can utilise it anywhere and for almost everything, such as preparing food and cutting meat.

Whether you are a farmer or a butcher, you will need a knife or a set of knives that you can depend on in different situations. Professionals and novices require the best knife for game and domestic meats. Before you go ahead and purchase, you should first know a few considerations.

Blade length is significant, and your choice will depend on the task you wish to accomplish. For instance, boning knives should be about five to 127 to 150 mm (five to six inches). This length will work better for all-purpose butchery.

However, if you need to process large or whole animals, a 178 to 203mm (seven to eight inches) is a great choice.

Of course, you should not forget about sharpeners, which are also essential. Various types of sharpeners are available in the market today, such as the AgBoss sharpening steel. It is made of microcrystalline diamond surface for better results.

AgBoss 175mm / 7" Skinning Knife


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AgBoss Filleting Knife (175mm / 7")


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Cudeman 111-H Skinning Knife


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Cudeman 111-W Skinning Knife


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Fallkniven SK18 Erna BBQ Knife


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KC Tools 175mm Auto Loading Utility Knife

KC Tools

$14.60 SAVE$11.55
KC Tools Trimming Knife with Snap-Off Blade

KC Tools

$16.10 SAVE$12.70