Fence Accessories

When it is time to build the fence for your farm, you need to have the right accessories for it. This requirement also goes to those who already have existing fences. Make sure you accessorise your fence, whether it is new or old, with quality fence materials.

Here at Ambler Direct, you will find contractor-grade fence accessories that you need to keep the animals safe and in the right place.

Forget about your fence being merely made of horizontal rails. You can customise it to make the fence more efficient. For instance, you can add a pin-lock steel post star picket insulator for your electric fence. A sturdy and trusty underground cable would be nice for your fence, too but do not just go for any cable. Use one with a galvanised wire core and is double insulated.

Protect the animals, as well as the people who may visit your farm. Use an electric fence sign that has high visibility. Ambler Direct also has accessories for your batteries and power supply. Check out our range of fence accessories for your electric fence.