Clips & Shackles

Do you need zip ties, snap hooks, or carabiners for your farm? We have them all here at Ambler Direct. A zip tie is commonly used to hold several items together, including wires and cables. It is usually made of nylon.

Carabiners and snap hooks are often confused with each other. A carabiner is a metal loop with a spring-loaded opening. You can easily open the gate by pushing it away from the loop to disconnect it from a safety rig.

On the other hand, a snap hook is simply a hook that has a spring opening. The concept is similar to a carabiner. When opened, a cord or rope can enter the loop and stay there unless you open the spring. A small knob is often present where you use your thumb to pull it down.

Usually, when purchasing a carabiner or a snap hook, one of the things you look at is the kilo-Newton rating. It tells you the capacity of the tools in protecting the user from falls, such as during hiking. Nevertheless, they can typically handle weights of up to 190 kg.