Rural Wear

Let's face it: rural clothing, including apparel when you tend to your land, is different from the clothes you wear in the office. It does not even match what you wear at home. You need proper attire when you do heavy work, which usually ends up with dirty clothes.

For tops and bottoms, farmers now prefer modern to lightweight fabrics. Meanwhile, many opt for body warmers, especially as winter approaches. Overalls, boots, and waterproof materials are still the top choices, though. They are classics, including gumboots, which are what most Australian farmers wear.

When you tend to animals or do other work in the field, your clothing should be durable. At the same time, you should not compromise comfort. At the end of the day, you want to fulfil your tasks without worrying about what you are wearing.

From pants to shirts to jackets, you should get through the day as a functional worker. Do not let your clothing stop you from doing your job. Pick from the selection of rural wear below.