Calving Equipment

Is it calving season on your farm? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Ambler Direct will help you be prepared for what can take place soon. Calving is potentially dangerous, which is why you should have everything you need on hand.

Equipment, tools, should be all prepared, especially since some calves can be born earlier than you expect. You may not have time to call a pro, but your experience will guide and get you through the process. During this critical moment, the last thing to do is to look for the required tools. You should only focus on delivering the calf.

You may already have the necessary medicine, along with other essentials. However, you should not forget the obstetrical chains and chain handles. Make sure that they are clean and sanitised. You will also need a puller for the calf, so clean it beforehand.

The puller should not have any rust or signs of damage. To be on the safe side, purchase new ones here at Ambler Direct. Go for the stainless steel option from Vet-Tec.