Dehorning is the process of removing horns of cattle, sheep, goat, and a few other livestock. Farmers carry it out mostly for safety reasons. Horns can pose a risk to people and other animals. Even those that have horns can injure themselves, such as when they get caught in a fence. Large and angled horns can also prevent the bearer of the horns from eating properly.

Professionals advise farmers to have young animals dehorned to reduce the mentioned problems. Polled animals are more economical than those with horns since the latter can destroy the property. Financial losses are also not something you would want to worry about because of damaged carcasses on your farm.

Removing horns typically uses local anaesthesia, and the animal will be sedated by a trained professional. It is recommended to dehorn livestock during spring and autumn.

When the cattle or any livestock is dehorned, it is called a polled animal. If you plan to dehorn your cattle, take a look at the dehorning supplies below.

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