Hoof Care

Ambler Direct offers different hoof knives that will keep hooves well taken care of all year round. You probably already know that hoof trimming is good for the animal's health. The blades are among the essential tools that you can have for the hooved animals.

As a horse owner, you should know that caring for the animal includes shaving off the loose sole. It always helps to have a good relationship with a veterinarian and a farrier. Make sure you regularly visit these professionals to keep your horses healthy and active.

Foot problems can occur if you do not inspect the hooves regularly. Schedule trimming and stick to it. If you see that the horse is not walking properly, check the feet right away. It pays to have the right tools for the job. Add hoof knives to your arsenal. You can choose between left and right hooves, but it is always better to have both. Alternatively, you can opt for a double-sided hoof knife. This tool is certainly worth the investment.