Scissors & Shears

When you care for your animals, the last thing you want to do is to use scissors or shears that you normally use at home.

Before you get to the buying process, you should first know the difference between the two items. The key dissimilarity lies in the size of the holes. Scissors have equally sized holes to accommodate the fingers while shears have unequal holes. One is larger than the other, where the former is used for the thumb. The blade length also varies with shears having longer blades than scissors.

With these details out of the way, the options available can quickly confuse you. It is time for you to invest in good quality scissors and shears for grooming or any other cutting task. Also, think about the safety of the animal and the user as well.

Vet-Tec scissors for bandages will help you cut the wraps for the animals without worrying about injuring them. Pick your choice of scissors or shears from the list below.

Cyclone 330mm Straight Steel Hand Shears


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