Fittings & Connectors

Accessories for your water pump will help maintain the equipment's efficiency and performance. They also increase the maximum lifespan of the pump while reducing unnecessary water use.

Here at The Grit, we have a collection of reliable products for your water pump. For instance, we have the Monza water pump accumulator or pressure tank, which comes in both two and four-litre sizes. Every set-up needs this water pump accessory. It works to provide a smoother flow of water, softer operation, and lower battery use.

The bladder-type pressure tank is designed to store water under pressure. Therefore, it decreases the need for the pump to turn on and off.

If your main goal is to time how the pumps impel water, you can use a water time, such as the two-hour timer from AgBoss. Just place the product on the waterline, and it will do its job for you. It will increase or decrease the flow of water, so you do not have to do it yourself.

Check out the fittings and connectors for your water pumps below.