Lighting & Electrical

Burglars do not like a brightly lit home. Therefore, you need to look for the right product that can meet your lighting requirements while improving security. Several options are available, including LED and solar flood lights and motion sensor lights.

If you want to purchase new lights to boost your home security, you may want to look into the three mentioned types above, especially motion sensor lights. Here at The Grit, you can find 130 Lumen Single Light and 260 Lumen Dual Light Security Sensors from GP Batteries.

These lights are cost-effective because they only provide illumination when you need it. The sudden lighting will draw attention to the darkened area, which will potentially scare off the criminals. However, you need to be aware that the lights can be extremely sensitive. They can turn on with the slightest movement from a squirrel or bird. It can be inconvenient for you and your neighbours as well.

You need to figure out the right balance when it comes to sensitivity, so the lights do not disturb you but still enhance home security.