Shovels & Garden Tools

Every gardener needs the right tools to do the task at hand properly. Shovels, spades, and axes are just some of the pieces of equipment that you require. One of the most common questions that garden enthusiasts have is about which tools to buy first.

You may want to know the difference between two similar items first. For instance, shovels are not the same as spades, even though they are often used interchangeably. Spades are more general tools, while shovels are specialised. If you need to work on tight spaces though, spades are a better option. However, if you often dig deeper holes, shovels are what you need.

When it comes to gardening tools, some of the factors that can affect your buying decision are the cost and your task. You can count on Ambler Direct as your best source for tools that you can use for your garden, such as mattocks, picks, axes, and hatchets. We carry the most trusted brands in Australia, including Cyclone, AgBoss, and Elwell.