Traps are quite versatile since they can catch many types of pests. However, they are mostly used for trapping mice or rats and flies. Whatever your pest problem is, you can handle it with traps, which you can place inside and outside your home and farm. You can also put them in your garden, especially if the flies or rats are damaging your plants.

You can choose from a variety of options. Typically, you will need to experiment with what works on your current pest problem. One option is a sticky trap, which can catch flies and other small crawling and flying insects, such as aphids, fleas, and roaches. Such a trap can immobilise and even kill these insects.

Another type is a collapsible trap, which is made of metal that is perfect for those who may want to release the animal after catching it. The cage can only handle one pest, though, so you may need to get rid of it right away if the problem persists.

Of course, there is the classic wooden mousetrap, which time has proven to be effective in baiting and holding these scurrying nuisances.