Water Pumps

Water pumps are beneficial no matter which type you need. They are mainly used for decreasing downtime due to heavy rains or water overflow. The pumps are also useful when moving water from one area to another.

You can find a variety of pumps here at The Grit. Each one indeed has a special purpose, whether you use it for your business or home. We have cast-iron pumps, fire and transfer pumps, and garden pumps. You can also browse our collection of residential and submersible pumps. If you need some pump accessories, you can find them here as well.

Before you buy, always consider why you want to purchase a water pump. Consider your environment and other factors that may affect your buying decision. Cast iron pumps can cost more than other pumps. However, they are more durable, which is why they are preferred for a long-term investment. The material can withstand heat and cast iron itself will evenly distribute heat. Therefore, the motor’s life is significantly extended. It also has a low risk of internal shock.

Owning a water pump can keep you safe as well. During the summer, Aussies know it is the time of the year when bushfires occur a lot. Over the past few years, summer has become a battle between nature and humans. It seems that nature is now more relentless than ever. It is why a water pump is an essential piece of equipment for stopping fires whether at homes or commercial establishments.

The Grit is the only online marketplace where you can find a complete line-up of different water pumps. Check out our list of products below. Most products can be shipped for free.