Cast Iron Pumps

Cast iron is considered the best material for different types of pumps, especially sump and centrifugal pumps. Manufacturers choose cast iron for their products because it comes with physical and mechanical features necessary for the pumps. High-temperature and high-pressure applications need the right metal for the pumps to work at their best level.

Using cast iron for pumps allows resistance against corrosion and can increase the temperature limit. Additionally, the metal ensures that the product will not expand. Thermal expansion is a common problem with pumps. If the material cannot keep up with the change in the size of the equipment, it will eventually fail.

As a coefficient of thermal expansion, it is easy to see why cast iron is the top material choice for Monza pumps. Take a look at our collection of cast iron water pumps only here at The Grit.

Monza 1100w Cast Iron Jet Water Pump


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Monza 1500w Cast Iron Jet Water Pump


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