Fire & Transfer Pumps

Water pumps are an essential piece of equipment that you should have in your home or commercial building. Fire pumps are what the name suggests. They are built to combat fire so that you can defend your property in case of an occurrence. However, fire pumps are not only explicitly used to fight fires. You can also use them for irrigation and washing down machinery at home, your store, or even your farm.

Transfer pumps, on the other hand, are for moving water to another location. For instance, you need not drain water from your basement after the storm. A transfer pump can help. This piece of equipment is mostly preferred for residential properties, but still powerful enough to be utilised for agricultural applications.

A pump can work both as a transfer and fire pump, such as the Monza 2" 6.5hp Petrol Fire Pump Water Transfer Pump. The key lies in its pressure and flow rate, where this mentioned product has a high flow of 500L/m.

When buying a fire or transfer pump, always determine the right pressure you need for the task you will use it for. Check out the list of fire and transfer pumps here at The Grit.