Knives are an important piece of tool. They are versatile and can be used in many ways. Here at Ambler Direct, we believe that it is worth doing a little research before you buy. This way, you will find the knife you will love to use for the activity you choose.

We feature different knives for various purposes. Some are quite intricate with special features while others are the what-you-see-what-you-get type.

For many professionals, two things truly matter when selecting the knife: its steel and how it feels in your hands.
Most of the time, it is best to pick the hardest steels because of their ability to hold edges longer. Before, you would have to choose between carbon and stainless steels only. Thankfully, modern technology has now enabled the creation of the combined benefits of the two while reducing their negative attributes. For instance, carbon steels used to rust with moisture while stainless steels are much softer.

Ambler Direct is where you can shop numerous types of knives. From high-carbon stainless steel with extra grip to folding and fixed knives to other pocket knives, you will find what you need here on our website.

Some knives that we offer come with a warranty, usually for 12 months. Check its specifications first before you purchase. Make sure it is suitable for your purpose. Consider the length of the blade, as well as its handle and the whole length of the tool.

Whether you need to cut through something delicate, you have to perform a precise slice, or you will use it for self-defence, you can count on Ambler Direct to give you the best options out there.




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