Kitchen Knives

Ambler Direct is your one-stop-shop for kitchen knives from the best names in the industry. We offer choices from AgBoss, Cudeman, Frosts Mora, Fallkniven, and the Ontario Knife Company.

When it comes to buying the right kitchen knife, we urge you to look for the following qualities:

Sharpness: Knives should be sharp, without a doubt. However, what is important is that it stays sharp. This way, you can slice with ease.

Ergonomic: The handle should be ergonomic, so you can control it without a hitch.

Lightweight: Bulky knives, like the Old Hickory Knife by the Ontario Knife Company, should not be heavy. The lighter the knife, the easier it will be for you to perform repetitive motions.

Excellence: Professional grade blades and knives come from reputable makers.

We have a variety of choices, ranging from punched blades, hidden tangs to full tangs. To make shopping for your kitchen knife easier, you can filter the products based on what you need. You can look for a skinning knife or one to use for filleting, boning, or slicing.

A professional kitchen should not go without these tools. Select from the best names, so you can have a knife that you can count on.