Hazard Lights & Beacons

Warning lights can save lives, whether you use it as an addition to your car’s safety or during low visibility situations. The beacon or hazard light that you buy will depend on your needs. There are plenty of options available, including revolving beacons, emergency lights, and flashing strobes. You want something that matches your requirements, such as for machinery, work processes, and vehicles.

However, not all hazard lights and beacons are created equal. You need to know the regulations and certifications that apply to your case. Select only the products that work hard for you. After all, safety goes above everything else.

The signal or safety light should draw attention, especially in case of a hazardous condition. When used for work, the lights must be easily seen. For instance, industrial facilities can often be crowded with plenty of people doing their jobs. With a busy workplace, everyone should see the lights when they start flashing.

The right safety light can alert employees, motorists, and other members of the public if there is an emergency.

Find the beacon or hazard light that you require for driving, work, or any situation only here at The Grit.

AgBoss LED 12V Beacon Light w/ Magnetic Base


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