Thunderbird Electric Fence Energisers


When you have invested time and money putting down posts and nailing that electric wire up all around the perimeter of your farm, or property, it is imperative that what you connect it all up to is going to charge with enough shocking power so that your efforts will not go unrewarded. There is nothing worse than realising that your fences are down as a result of animals that were not dissuaded from crossing it. A Thunderbird electric fence energiser is recognised as a top quality product and one that farmers and landowners everywhere turn to over and over again when they need to ensure that their fence will stand up to the test when it is put to them.


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At The Grit, Thunderbird is the brand we stock for this very reason. We understand that our customers are looking for the best products on the market and at the best value, and so that is what we supply. As a member of the HBT Buying Group, we regularly pass the wholesale savings we make on to you, our valued customers who made us the success story that we are today. Based in Albury, New South Wales, The Grit’s beginnings were in a garage, but 15 years later we are now working out of a 230 square metre warehouse.


When there is a fault in your fence

But when it comes to electric fences there is one problem that trips even the best of us up from time to time, a fault that seemingly comes from out of the blue. In order to determine where it lies, the first thing you will need to do is examine the fence itself. Your voltmeter will come in handy in determining that there is sufficient power.


After that, there may be a break or a kink that is on the verge of splitting that needs to be spliced back together. Often overgrowing vegetation will reduce the voltage and put a strain on your energiser. Once the power is off, you should clear all of this away. You should also check that the fence is earthed properly. In some cases, the earth wire may be defective and this is where the problem lies.


Where your Thunderbird electric fence voltage is low or does not register it may be worth checking the circuit board in your energiser. However, for those who opt for solar-powered energisers, the problem may simply be a lack of sunlight, or that the panel has been placed in an area which just doesn’t get enough of the sun to maintain an effective charge.


A+++ Reputation

Our reputation speaks for itself with consistent A+++ reviews across the board on our eBay page and testimonials from customers delighted by our friendly service and the speed at which their order arrived. We are committed to each customer having a great experience when they shop with us and make sure that the photos on our site match what you receive on delivery.


A Thunderbird electric fence energizer comes with a 2-year warranty and in many cases, a 6-month lightning strike warranty will also apply. At The Grit, we are well versed in the functionality of each product we sell, so if you have any questions or need advice we would be happy to talk you through the different options available on our site and help you find the best product to meet your needs. We also have an excellent collection of Digging Tools as well as Fencing Pilers.

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