Air Tools & Compressors

Do you need air tools or air compressors? You have come to the right place.

As the name suggests, air tools are those that use compressed air to power them. For comparison, conventional power tools, on the other hand, utilise batteries or mains supply.

Before you purchase air tools, you should first know some of the terminologies behind them and their usage. For instance, you will come across a few terms, such as cubic feet per minute or CFM and pressure. With CFM, it is the amount of compressed air. If it is stated in the compressor, it is what the equipment can supply. If CFM is in the air tool itself, it is what the device requires.

Meanwhile, the pressure is the air compressed inside the air compressor tool. It is in a pressurised environment and therefore does not hold its original volume. If you are an absolute beginner in using air tools, you may also read or hear about “pneumatics,” which is the term for using pressurised or compressed air.

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