Drill Drivers

Any homeowner who loves to DIY will have a power drill in their toolbox. This tool is useful for DIY projects and home repairs. For years now, cordless drill drivers have been a part of home toolkits. Most people know what these tools look like and what they are for.

Typically, this type of drill comes with an adjustable clutch that limits the torque. The chuck will take round and hex bits. Drill drivers will provide a smooth spinning action, which will be applied on the bit used. If you need to drill holes or drive screws, drill drivers are useful for these tasks. They can also help tighten or loosen bolts for you.

Drill drivers should not be confused with impact drivers. For delicate jobs, drill drivers are the best since they offer precise results. They are also multipurpose with a slip clutch that helps control torque. You get constant torque with this type of drill. If you have different accessories, you can mostly use them because a drill driver is often suitable for many of these fittings.

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