Hand Tools

You do not have to be a DIY enthusiast to know how useful hand tools are. Unlike power tools, hand tools are operated manually. They do not have any power source so that they can function. It includes cords, compressed air, or batteries.

Hand tools have been around since the Stone Age, where humans performed different types of jobs, including cutting, hammering, and crimping.

The most significant benefit of using hand tools is that you do not have to worry about mechanical parts. With power tools, you probably fear that they would get damaged if you keep using them. Since there are no mechanical parts to deal with, hand tools last longer than electric, air, and other power tools.

You also get more control when you move hand tools. Since you use your hands, you are the one who manipulates these instruments, not the other way around. It is convenient when you have to finish a job that is quite detailed, such as wood carving.

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KC Tools Chain Wrench

KC Tools

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AgBoss Steel Bolt Cutters 450mm


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