Hex, Torx & Star Keys

Hex keys, which you may know as Allen keys or wrenches, are a type of hand tool that drive bolts and nuts using a hex socket. Since it is a hexagonal tool, it has a total of six points of contact, which means that it touches six surfaces of the screw. This capability makes it easy for the tool to grab the hex screws. When used, these hex keys create torque.

Meanwhile, Torx is a type of screws that you can generally find on motorcycles, bike brake systems, and automobiles. They are also used in computer systems, consumer electronics, and hard disc drives. You need a Torx screwdriver to install and loosen these tamperproof screws. Therefore, you cannot remove them unless you use the right tool.

Star keys, on the other hand, are typically classified as Torx key. However, some professionals place star keys in its own category. It got its name from its shape in which the screw is shaped like a star. You can only unscrew and fix the nut when you have the key.

Ambler Direct makes it easy for you to find the corresponding keys to the screws you are working on. Choose from the wide variety of Torx, star, and hex keys from the list below.