Fencing Pliers, Snips & Cutters

Here at Ambler Direct, we have categorised the tools you need to make online shopping more convenient for you. When you need hand tools for cutting, snipping, or holding objects firmly, we have got you covered. Everything you need is right here on this page.

Pliers come in various types, including long needle nose, tile end nipper, and fencing pliers among many others. Despite the variations, they have one thing in common: they are used to grip items firmly. Some pliers can bend and cut wires and other materials.

Meanwhile, when you need to cut particular objects, you can use snips. You may know them as shears, which are used to cut different materials, including tough ones like sheet metal. Just like many tools out there, you can find a variety of snips for every task. For example, some snips are especially for cutting sheet metal for the aviation industry. Cutters, as the name suggests, are for cutting almost any object you have.

For all cutting, shaping, and bending requirements, you can find the most suitable tool for your project here at Ambler Direct.




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