Punches, Chisels & Files

When you need to drive, carve, or shape objects, Ambler Direct has all the tools that will make your job easier. We have punches here, which are for driving things on a workpiece. For instance, you can use punches to drive nails on a surface. There are different types of punch, but the tool always has a hard metal rod. The point is sharp while the end is blunt. A hammer typically strikes the end to form an impression of the tool’s tip on the surface.

Meanwhile, if you need tools to carve or cut metal, stone, wood, or any hard material, you can turn to a chisel. It is a hand tool that has a blade on its end, which you will force into the surface to start shaping or cutting. Just like punches, you will need a reliable and hard tool to drive the force. Most of the time, hammers or mallets are used.

Another hand tool that you will find useful for your DIY project is the file. It helps you remove parts of a workpiece in delicate portions, so you can easily control how much you shave off. Files are used in wood and metalworking.