Wrenches & Shifters

A wrench is one of the everyday tools that homeowners have. It provides grip so you can turn objects quickly. A shifter is a type of wrench that you can adjust, such as through its movable jaw. It is also known as a crescent or adjustable wrench.

Another type of wrench is a torque wrench. It delivers the exact amount of torque you require, so the object is free from over-tightening. The torque can be calibrated, and you can see it defined in Newton-metre (Nm). When it comes to adjustable wrenches, the pipe wrench is considered their big brother. It is sturdy, larger, and with a distinctive F-shape. Plumbers often utilise a pipe wrench as they work on metal pipes. This type of wrench has serrated jaws so that it can leave marks behind.

While other types have handles, there is a unique wrench called crowfoot. It is open-ended with no handle. You will simply get a single head, which you will connect to a ratchet handle. This wrench is used when you need a tool that can fit in tight spaces.

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