Take a step back and imagine measurement tools do not exist. In ancient times, people would use parts of their bodies to know the sizes of certain things. It is not surprising that the results were inaccurate. Thankfully, we have measurement tools now that make our lives easier.

We have callipers, squares and rulers, tape measures, and many others. Without these tools, we would probably still size things up by mostly guessing.

When buying a tool, you should first know what you need to measure. The specific task or object should be determined beforehand. Some devices can only be used for a particular job. For instance, you want to know the length of an item. In this case, you need a ruler or tape measure.

You may not immediately think of using vernier callipers, but they can also be utilised to measure the length just like a ruler.

Here at The Grit, you can find all sorts of measurement tools that you will need. Choose from our collection of callipers and verniers, spirit levels, rulers, squares, and tape measures below.