Planers come in handy for those who work with reclaimed woods or any type of woodwork. Depending on your task, you can choose between an electric or manual handheld planer. Most of the time, carpenters use the former, while woodworkers prefer the manual version.

Wood planers are helpful when you need to take off small parts of the material you are working on. They work well on wooden surfaces, so you can use them to make sure the boards you have are of the same thickness.

Planers can either be a thickness or hand planer. Thickness planers are often called manual planers while the other is an electric-powered tool. While thickness planers are quite useful for ensuring you have boards of the same thickness, a hand planer can be more convenient.

If you are working on a solid piece, perhaps because it is bulky, heavy, or has an awkward shape, you can use a hand planer. Even if you have a wooden surface that is quite large, you can utilise an electric hand planer to give you quick results.

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