Chrome Sockets

Chrome sockets are often compared to impact sockets. In a way, they do have some similarities and a few dissimilarities as well. Chrome sockets, which are also known as chrome hand sockets, easily recognisable because of their chrome finish. On the other hand, an impact socket has a shiny black look.

Another distinct difference is that impact sockets use chrome alloy or chromoly, which is short for chrome-molybdenum. As for chrome sockets, they come from with a medium carbon alloy steel material. They are processed with heat to achieve a higher hardness level than impact sockets.

You can see most chrome sockets stamped with chrome vanadium or Cr-V. It is a different type of steel alloy, which gives the material its added hardness.

One thing to note about chrome sockets is that they should never be used with impact guns. Therefore, if you need to work with your impact wrench, you should use impact sockets.

If you want a reliable socket that is not prone to rust, you can always count on chrome hand sockets. Here at The Grit, we supply different types of chrome sockets from KC Tools, such as magnetic spark plug sockets of varying sizes.