Extension Bars

A common problem with socket wrenches is that you cannot usually reach certain spaces, especially tighter ones. If you think there is no remedy for the situation, you may not have heard of extension bars yet.

Extension bars allow you to extend your socket wrench’s reach. This way, you can use it even in constricted spaces using these long bars. They typically come as a solid piece of metal, which you attach to your wrench. This way, you can reach recessed bolts, which would have been unreachable if you use a standard wrench.

Using an extension bar enables the users to extend the length of the wrench by up to 30.48 cm. If you are a mechanic, you will surely benefit from these bars. You can also use them to loosen bolts that may have rusted or become stiff over the years. If you are working on an engine compartment, these extension bars are also an accessory that you will find useful.

Ambler Direct has a wide array of extension bars from the top brands in Australia, including KC Tools, ProAm, and SP Tools. Choose from the various sizes, as well as the type of bar, to know the product fits your wrench.