Impact Sockets

Do you need an impact socket? You will be happy with our selection of impact sockets that will fit your requirements. These sockets are designed to be used with an impact driver or wrench. Impact wrenches may be powered in different ways, including through electricity, compressed air, or oil.

Whether you have a pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic impact wrench, rest assured that you will find the right sockets for it here at Ambler Direct. We have the most affordable options for you for this category with a price range of $5 to over $730.

With the right combination of impact wrench and socket, you can deliver a better torque to the fastener’s head than when you use a manual wrench. An impact driver is often used in garages and will extremely be helpful if you are a mechanic. You can easily remove nuts and bolts from cars. Racing teams would also benefit from impact sockets because they allow the quick application of large torque loads. This way, wheeling the nuts is fast and easy. Plus, they will be held in place securely.

We have impact sockets from different brands, including KC Tools and SP Tools. The sockets are designed to handle intense vibrations and impact.