Tamperproof Sockets

As the name suggests, tamperproof sockets can resist tampering. The fixings are commonly used in public places, but they can also be found in homes. These sockets are used with tamperproof screws or bolts, which are effective against interference, including intentional ones.

Tamperproof sockets can be utilised on different screws, including pin hex head screws, which are a conventional type of socket screw. You will recognise these screws because of their hexagonal recess. Often, they are fixed with a hex bit, Allen key, or tamperproof sockets. You cannot use other tools, including a typical hex bit to remove these pin hex head screws.

The sockets are most commonly paired with T-type Torx screws. This type of tamperproof screw works just like the pin hex head screws in which it has a pin inserted into the drive’s recess. Then, you will require a unique tool to remove or fix them in place.

A tamperproof socket set will allow you to tighten or loosen the right type of screws. Use them with the mentioned fasteners above to get the best results. Check out our list of tamperproof Torx bits here at Ambler Direct.