Ring Open End Spanners

Ring open-end spanners are versatile tools that you should always have in your toolbox. This type of wrench comes in one piece but with two open heads. The heads form U-shaped jaws, which have flat sides. The sizes differ mainly on the opening because it will tell you how small or big the bolt or nut should be.

The opening is the width of the fastener. You can slip the tool around the bolt or nut from one side. From there, you can start tightening or loosening the fastener.

If you have worked with a spanner before, you can easily understand how ring open end spanners function. The flat U-shaped jaws will make contact with the fastener’s sides. Then you will push against these sides so you can turn the bolt or nut.

This type of spanner can work with any fastener, as long as it has two parallel flat sides. Some examples include those with hexagonal and octagonal heads.

Ring open-end spanners are available in a variety of sizes. Here at Ambler Direct, you can find several of them, and you can filter the products by size.