Bolt & Screw Extractors

When you have cracked or seized screws, you can turn to an extractor to help you. Screws, when old or rusted, can easily snap when you try to remove them. If you are a DIYer, you need the right tool to solve this issue for you.

A bolt and screw extractor is what you need to make sure your project runs smoothly. Just like with any other tool that you have, an extractor has a variety of options for you. Which type should you choose? The answer would, of course, depend on what you are working on.

There are multiple sizes, as well. It is usually better to go for a screw extractor set, so you can just get the extractor that you need for a specific job.

The best screw or bolt extractor differs for every user. Here at The Grit, we have bolt and screw extractors that real professional mechanics use. When a task seems impossible, we highly recommend the choices that you can find on this page. The products come from trusted names: SP Tools, KC Tools, and AOK. They all deliver the results that you expect out of a quality extractor.