Flaring & Tube Cutters

Both flaring and tube cutters are used in pipe fittings. They have different and specific uses. A flaring tool accepts adjustable metal piping to expand the end of the pipe as required for the project. This way, the tube can easily fit into the right section.

The flaring tool uses traditional technology, which can be traced back to early metalworking. It is a favourite tool for both professionals and hobbyists. When you need to make sure pipe fitting is trouble-free, you should always have a flaring tool ready.

Meanwhile, a tube cutter is also known as a pipe cutter. As you can already tell, its job is to cut through the tubing. Plumbers, as well as electricians, often use it.

A pipe or tube cutter has several varieties available. However, they all share one trait where they have a sharp blade, which is used to slice through the plastic tubing.

Tube cutters can be anything from ratcheting cutters to those that are motor-powered. Before you buy, you should first know the capabilities of the tool. For instance, it should be able to cut through the tubing, measuring more than 3mm.