Other Storage Solutions

Storage does not always come in the form of boxes; they can also be a parts dish or tray and even a board on the wall. When you need to hold small parts, including nuts and bolts, fasteners, and hardware, we have the best product selections for you. The Grit has magnetic parts dish in different sizes. This way, you can pick the most suitable size for your projects.

It is important to use a magnetic tray to make sure the hardware will stay in place. Any ferrous metal should stick to the dish even if you turn it upside down.

We also have a red wall mounting tool box from KC Tools. It allows you to organise your tools by mounting them to your wall through this storage box. For some users, it is a more convenient option than carrying a tool box. You do not have to dig in or take out all the items in the box to get what you need.

If you prefer a shadow board or tool peg, we also have such an option for you. It is wall mountable as well, so you can quickly declutter your workshop.

KC Tools 240 x 140mm Magnetic Parts Dish

KC Tools

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KC Tools 330 x 250mm Magnetic Parts Dish

KC Tools

$75.10 SAVE$0.00