AgBoss 1 Litre Liquid Tyre Sealant Tire Goo


AgBoss 1 Litre Liquid Tyre Sealant Tire Goo


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Punctures are a thing of the past with AgBoss' top-of-the-line anti-rust tyre sealant. Proudly Australian-owned, AgBoss Tyre Sealant reduces the likelihood of a catastrophic puncture by up to 80%. Non-toxic, non-flammable and involatile, AgBoss Tyre Sealant is suitable for all types of tyres including bicycle, tubeless car tyres, ATVs, and machinery. The Grit stocks AgBoss' complete range of tyre sealants, at the best prices in Australia.

One dose will repair up to 50 punctures over a 6 month period and will not cause any adhesion between the tyre and rim (inner tube up to 6.8mm, motorbike tubeless up to 10mm and car tubeless up to 18mm diameter punctures)


  • Anti-rust and will not corrode tyres, tubes or rims
  • Contains a special anti-tyre bursting chemical which can reduce the risk of blowouts by up to 80%
  • Performs from -2°C up to 90°C
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-volatile
  • Prevents loss of air between bead and rim improving safety
  • Causes no damage to rim or tyre
  • Promotes uniform wear and reduces fuel consumption by maintaining proper pressure
  • Punctures are sealed instantly and permanently
  • Repairs up to 50 punctures from 1 application


Rate / Tyre

  • Bicycle: 120 - 180mL
  • Motorbike: 200 - 500mL
  • ATV: 500 - 600mL
  • Car: 500 - 600mL
  • Truck: 2000 - 6000mL
  • Tractor: 2000 - 6000mL

Model # 141000
UPC 9328296003576
Brand AgBoss
Shipping Weight 1.1000kg
Type Tyre Sealant

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Very good
Jagdev on July 19, 2022

Puncture Shield

Always buy this product. Excellent value for money
Patricia K on March 29, 2020