A screwdriver is a manual or powered tool used to screw and remove screws. Most users are familiar with the manual screwdriver. It has a handle at the end and a tip on the other. The shaft is long and made of sturdy steel so that it can handle bending and twisting.

The screwdriver that you will purchase will depend on the screw that you will work on. The tool’s tip will classify what type of screwdriver you have. It can be a flathead screwdriver, which is the most basic of all kinds. Most handymen have this screwdriver in their toolbox. It has a single blade and comes in various sizes. Make sure that you have the right size since it can strip the screw head if you force it.

Another common type is Phillips, just like the No.0 x 60 Phillips screwdriver from KC Tools. It is also known as the crosshead screwdriver because of its X-shape head. It can fit snugly into the right screw, making it easy for tightening and loosening the screw head.

Buy the type of screwdriver you need or just purchase a set, so you have all the essentials when you need them. You can find them here at The Grit.

Crescent 8pc 1000V Screwdriver Set


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KC Tools 10pc Hex Bolster Screwdriver Set

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